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Recruiting for Creative Team and Cast for a new R&D

We are aware that our work is always at it’s best when we return to it for the second or third time, but the limitations of being an emerging company mean we rarely have the time to really develop our shows. As such this year we will spend three weeks R&D a new adaptation of The Wizard of Oz by company co-director George Attwell Gerhard’s culminating in the three public sharings at the Little but LIVE! Festival in Moseley Park from the 22nd to 24th September 2023. 

About The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Dot is living in care, arguing with the other kids and wishing she could just grow up and leave already. But when a tornado comes spinning out of the television, Dot finds herself in the land of Oz, a magical place fraught with danger, mystery and a gang of oddballs and weirdos who might just be her best chance of getting home. There’s no place like it, after all. 


After the success of their re-imagining of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, Paperback Theatre return with a new adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Strap into your ruby slippers, follow the signs for the yellow brick road and find us somewhere over the rainbow for a fast-paced and silly saunter down the streets of the Emerald City.


About Paperback 

We’re Paperback Theatre, a theatre company from Birmingham. 


We produce plays. We’re fascinated by the stories we tell each other now, those we choose to remember and why it is we keep telling them over and over again. 


We also run a festival. Created in 2020 as a response to COVID, Little but LIVE! in Moseley Park is a local outdoors arts festival celebrating the best Birmingham’s cultural scene has to offer. Covering theatre, music, comedy, fine art, workshops, we’re now into our 4th year working on the festival.



£2545.00 (inclusive of travel)

Paperback Theatre are delighted to be looking for a designer to work with us during the during the Research and Development of a new stage adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This will be a family friendly, fast-paced open air performance for a cast of 5. 


The designer role will include: 

  • Designing and creating /sourcing costumes for all the characters

  • Designing and assisting with the construction of the set


We have ambitions to tour the production in the future, and a small design budget, so any set design should be minimalistic, flexible and durable. 



Our suggested initial design deadline (open to negotiation) is 31st July.  

The deadline for any reworking is 30th August.

Rehearsals will take place between the 4th September and 21st September. They will take place at the Old REP Theatre and Moseley Park and Pool. 

The public sharing of the show will take place from the 22nd - 24th September.


Person Specification

This role is for those local to or with a base in the West Midlands, and the fee is inclusive of travel and accommodation.



Experience designing for theatre


Experience designing for open air theatre 


How to Apply

To apply please submit the following: 

  • A covering letter (no more than 1 a4 side), or alternatively a voice note, or video message (no longer than 2 minutes) outlining your interest in the role and your relevant experience 

  • An up to date CV 

  • An example of your previous work designs

Please email these to and complete the following equal opps form.


The deadline for applications is 9am Monday 12th June.

We will shortlist applicants and invite them to interview by Thursday 16th June.

Interviews will take place via video call on the 24th and 25th June. 

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